Friday, 13 January 2017

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Glazed Partition Contractors

L and S Contracting are one of UK's premier Glazed Partition Contractors, designing, manufacturing and installing fantastic timber glazed screens. Our timber glazed screens are an ideal solution for separating corridors, link corridors and partitioning. Screens are most commonly used in Schools, Hospitals and Offices to provide partitions within a room. All our timber screens are typically prefabricated in our workshop for installation on-site from a choice of softwood or decorative hardwood. Glazed in safety, clear, obscured and wired glass options to suit the purpose and positioning of the screens and is fitted to suit the appropriate fire rating required. Beading can pinned, counter-sunk cups and screwed or pelleted with matching timber.
We are able to offer the latest technology in glazing systems with radian control and insulation properties, this offers the ability to reduce the radiated heat level by a measurable amount for a set time as well as the ability to provide insulation for part of the set time. E.G. 60/30 would offer 60 mins integrity coupled with 30 mins insulation of 30/<15kW/m2 - 30 mins integrity / 30 mins low radiation level. All this allowing for increased safety levels.
If you would like to make an enquiry about any bespoke requirements you have for this type of joinery and our advances in glazed partition screen technology, please use our contact from or alternatively contact a member of the L and S Contracting team via telephone or email.
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