Friday, 5 May 2017

L & S Doors | Fire Door Manufacturers

Fire Door Manufacturers
L & S Doors Ltd are experienced suppliers, manufacturers and installation specialists of  Fire Doors; we supply, manufacture and install both interior and exterior fire doors for a huge variety of commercial and residential projects, large and small, throughout the UK.

All of our fire door sets and frames are custom designed to meet your specific requirements, available in a range of finishes. each of of fire doors are certified to FD30, FD60, FD90 and FD120.

Fire Proof Doors
Fire proof doors have two primary functions when a fire breaks out:

1. To contain flames and smoke to allow safe passage away from the building.
This creates a barrier which isolates the fire away from the area of escape, allowing the recommended amount f time given the distance of the exit point.

2. To delay the spread of flames and smoke.
Depending on the specific requirement fro the particular part of the building they operate within determines the relevant rating required.

As well as being governed by an external regulating body, all our fire doors are manufactured to comply with Certifire regulations, and are supplied with an anti-tamper label displaying compliance; giving our customers the peace of mind that all our doors are manufactured to be fit for purpose.

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